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Our Team

The company's management team consists of top-ranked professionals in our industry from leading Russian and international companies such as Citibank, Renaissance Investment Management, Sberbank CIB, Troika Dialog IC, Aton Management Company, Promsvyaz Management Company, and others
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Our Team
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Vincenzo Trani
President, Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors
He has lived in Russia since 2000. He held key positions in top Russian and international banks, such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, KMB Bank, Banca Intesa, MDM Bank, and Rosenergobank. He arranged one of the largest and most successful M&A deals in the banking sector between KMB Bank and Banca Intesa
Alexey Ischenko
He has been working successfully in the financial industry since 1994. Before General Invest, he worked at Promsvyazbank for 5 years, where he was in charge of asset management and later headed Management Company Promsvyaz
Anna Ivanova
Deputy CEO
Anna Ivanova has over 20 years of experience in the stock market. Before, Anna worked at Troika Dialog for 9 years as the Director and Sales Leader in Private banking
Meruzhan Dadalyan
Deputy CEO
He worked at the Private Banking Department at Troika Dialog where he successfully provided advisory services related to financial markets and securities portfolio management
Dmitry Rotachev
Managing Director, Customer Relations Department
He started his professional investment career in 2007 with Troika Dialog, a top asset management company where he provided a full range of advisory services related to securities and investment market
Garik Gevorkyan
Managing Director, Customer Relations Department
He started his career in 2007 with Troika Dialog as the financial advisor at the Private Banking Department responsible for asset management services
Tatiana Lukasheva
Managing Director, Customer Relations Department
Tatiana joined General Invest in 2016. Previously, she held the position of Managing Director and was a Member of the Board of Directors at Evocorp Management Company. She was involved in establishing infrastructure to manage closed-end mutual funds and trust wealth management for wealthy investors
Felipe De La Rosa
Chief Investment Officer
Felipe joined General Invest in November 2017. He is responsible for managing client portfolio investments in discretionary managed individual and corporate client accounts. He is a member of the investment committee and is responsible for development of new investment products
Aleksey Gubin
Fixed Income Portfolio Manager
Joined General Invest as a portfolio manager for bonds in October 2017. Before General Invest, he worked for Alfa-Capital MC, where he was invited in 2010 as a credit analyst, and in 2013 he was transferred to the position of Assistant Asset Manager
Tigran Gevorkyan
Fixed Income Portfolio Manager
He started his career in one of the largest consulting companies of the world, Boston Consulting Group (BCG). After that, he worked in BCS Asset Management and Promsvyazbank Asset Management, where he began as fixed income analyst and later got an appointment as portfolio manager
Tatyana Simonova
Head of Research
In 2017, Tatyana joined the General Invest team as the Head of Investment Consultancy Department. In 2012–2016, she worked as an analyst in the management company PROMSVYAZ MC, where she analyzed the debt market and carried out credit analysis of Russian and foreign issuers
Olga Muratova
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer
Joined the team in 2017. At General Invest, she is responsible for compliance issues, adherence with regulatory requirements, internal procedures, financial monitoring, and risk management. Prior to joining the company, she was in charge of the same areas in Promsvyaz Management Company
Alina Zolotova
Chief Operating Officer
Joined the team in 2016. Prior to that, she was employed by Promsvyaz Management Company where she was responsible for infrastructural projects as well as creation and development of the company’s operating units
Alexander Rybakov
Chief Financial Officer
Joined the team in 2018. Previously, he worked as financial director at Promsvyaz Management Company. Before that, he went from being the chief economist of the administrative staff to the deputy CEO at MC Agana
Yuriy Naugolnov
Chief Information Officer
Joined the team in 2016. Prior to that, he spent five years as the Head of Automation of the Securities and Fund Services Department at Citigroup, managing implementation of the Operations and Technology global strategy across Russia and CIS
Olga Yurikova
Regional Development Director
Joined the team in 2016. Before that, she advised wealthy customers on asset management in financial markets and headed teams of financial consultants at Alfa-Capital Management Company, Aton LLC, and BCS Financial Group LLC
Andrey Yushkantsev
Regional Director in Kazan
He joined General Invest in 2017. Andrey has 15 years of experience in banking. From 2010 through 2015, he held the position of Chairman of the Management Board of a regional bank in Kazan
Vladimir Bobryashov
Regional Director in Yekaterinburg
Vladimir has been managing General Invest division in Yekaterinburg since 2017. Before that, starting in 2011, Vladimir worked in London at Visor Capital as Director of Relations with Institutional Clients and in the London branch of a Swiss bank CBH, where he was responsible for bond trading activities
Oleg Yampolsky
Regional Director in Tyumen
Joined General Invest in 2018. Before that, he worked at Alfa-Bank for 19 years, where he was in charge of wealthy customer relations for cities in the Ural and Volga regions
Regional Director in Krasnodar
Regional Director
Head of Krasnodar office
Joined the team in 2018. Before General Invest, she worked at Alfa-Bank for over 17 years. She was in charge of the Department for Worthy Customer Relations in cities of the Southern region
Elena Shevchenko
Regional Director in Novosibirsk
Elena joined the General Invest team in August 2019. She has been working on the stock market for more than 17 years, with years of experience as the Head of the Private Banking of Gazprombank in the city of Novosibirsk.
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