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Brokerage Services

Liquid Securities List

Concern General Invest offers professional brokerage services and support in all global financial markets, ranging from the stock exchange and terminal market of the Russian Federation to the top stock and commodity exchanges of the USA, UK and Europe. We can also provide access to the Asian market and small developing exchanges. With the support of our international financial and commercial partners, we are able to operate in the securities market with minimal costs and maximum performance.

We provide the clients with reliable software and access to stock market data protocols that comply with global standards. Our brokerage services include advising clients on any arising issues and such advice and receipt of client's instructions and orders are provided in the Russian language, regardless of the country where the market in question is located. Concern General Invest's fee rates are among the lowest in the market.

Brokerage Service Benefits

Both private and institutional clients who need a reliable guide on the securities market may benefit from our brokerage services with a track record in the Russian and European markets. We offer both standard and customized brokerage solutions and services to each client.

Why do individual customers need brokerage services?

- Increase their capital

- Maintain their capital

- Diversify their assets

Why do companies need brokerage services?

- Minimize cost of those companies which have already tapped the financial market (software and personnel costs)

- Manage their clear balance

- Insure any arising risks

- Maintain liquidity

Our experts with strong financial management skills will help clients select financial instruments and an account management strategy with regard to the client's purposes and offer original ideas of the most reasonable investment solutions. With low service rates, Concern General Invest offers expert advice on favorable terms.

REPO transactions refer to the most popular brokerage services provided by Concern General Invest. REPO transactions involve issue-grade purchase or sale of securities with their further repurchase or resale at a fixed date set in the agreement. Securities that are sold or purchase under a REPO agreement should be resold or repurchased at the price set when the first part of such transaction is made. While this complex transaction requires consistent stock exchange players, interest in the REPO business is growing. We determine the price of such brokerage services on a case-by-case basis depending on the scope of operations.

Like the total range of services provided by Concern Invest related to equity and asset management, brokerage services provide not only proceeds, but also valuable knowledge and experience that will help to make reasonable and correct investment decisions independently.

Open а broker's account

It takes only 2 steps to open a broker's account and begin investing:

  1. Sign the documents required to open such account.
    You may sign this set of documents and obtain investment advice at the General Invest office. To save time, you may contact our manager to disclose data and select your price plan and other conditions. We will rely on your data to prepare a set of documents to open your investment account. All you have to do is sign these documents in our office and go to the next step. A broker's account may be opened to a corporation as well (including non-residents). For this purpose, please contact us at +7(495) 727-00-77 or info@generalinvest.ru. Our manager will get back to you as soon as possible.
  2. Transfer money and start trading.

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