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How it works
International standards of service quality
Maximum speed of transactions
Operation in the world's leading financial marketplaces
Transactions with a wide range of assets
The art of capital funds accumulation is high-precision work that requires total focus, prompt decision making, courage, and proactivity. Since we know the preferences of each client, we form ideas relevant to them that will give them the result they want, right here and right now.
Meruzhan Dadalyan
Deputy CEO
Personal manager
Constant information and technical support by an investor and personal recommendations according to the client's risk profile and preferences.
Transactions by phone
To speed up transactions and for the comfort of our clients, we accept voice orders for trading transactions from 9:50 a.m. to midnight Moscow time.
Conversion at the market rate
Our clients may convert currency at the current market rate of the Moscow Exchange at the moment of conversion.
Market analysis
We provide our clients with regular analytic data on the market and offer personal recommendations to every investor.
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Examples of our best ideas
RTS Index
January 2016 — january 2018
Profitability — 100% for the period, 40% per annum
Currency — USD
Federal loan bonds (long-term OFZ)
September 2015 — december 2018
Profitability — 60% for 2,5 years
Currency — RUB
June 2017 — december 2018
Profitability — 25% for 0,5 years, 50% per annum
Currency — RUB
HP Inc. (HPQ)
January 2017 — september 2017
Profitability — 42,57% for the period
Currency — USD
Michael Kors Holdings Limited (KORS)
January 2017 — november 2017
Profitability — 43,49% for the period
Currency — USD
Best Buy Co., Inc. (BBY)
March 2017 — may 2017
Profitability — 31,62% for the period
Currency — USD
Investment Advisory Services
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Portfolio Analysis
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Investment Advisory Services
Investors personally manage their portfolios and make decisions on all account transactions, purchases, and sales
We provide investors with high-quality analytics and recommend topical ideas
The return on management depends on a timely response to market trends and a correct risk approach
Portfolio Analysis
At your request, we perform comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research of your portfolio composition, structure, and management results achieved by third parties
Following such analysis, you will receive a detailed report on how to improve your portfolio management
This service may be provided on a one-time or a regular basis
In effect from 01/11/2013 until present.

Published on 13/05/2016

In effect from 15/03/2019 until present.

Published on 12/03/2019

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