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General Invest advantages
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Asset Management features
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General Invest advantages
Personal touch
High quality service
Asset Management features
Strategy is implemented by a professional asset manager
Risk and return levels are regulated
Transactions are performed within an approved declaration
How it works
Setting goals
We help you to determine your risk profile, investor profile, and investment horizon.
Portfolio set-up
Upon choosing an investment strategy we set up your tailor-made portfolio that suits your risk profile and investment goals.
Investment plan execution
Your asset manager makes all the investment decisions in accordance with your goals.
Investment monitoring
We keep track on your investment portfolio on a daily basis, and you get information on your financial results on a regular basis.
Our clients’ funds and assets are kept in the National Settlement Depository (NCI NSD JSC), the central depository of Russia, a part of Moscow Exchange Group. NSD's Credit Rating is AA- (a very high degree of reliability according to Thomas Murray).
Portfolio managers of General Invest have extensive experience and prove their expertise in international ratings annually. Their investment decisions are based on a deep market understanding.

All their knowledge works for your benefit. Portfolio managers keep track of the news in the online mode; they perform fundamental and technical analysis; they understand the interrelation of market and economy occurrences; they see trends and possible scenarios of their development.
Investment team
Aleksey Gubin
Chief Investment Officer
Mikhail Smirnov
Portfolio Manager, Global Stock Market Analyst
Dimitry Rezepov
Ksenia Zorina
Head of structured products department
Tatyana Simonova
Head of Research, Russian Stock Market Portfolio Manager
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