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Depository Services

General Invest clients can make fast and beneficial trading operations, the reliability of which is guaranteed by General Invest's depository services.

General Invest Depository offers the following range of services

  • Registration and certification of title to securities
  • Registration and certification of securities title transfer, including securities charge with liabilities
  • Maintenance of a separate securities account specifying the dates of each account transaction
  • Registration as a nominal holder of the client's securities with the registered securities register or any other depository
  • Maintenance of various securities accounts for different depositor types: holders, trustees, and nominal holders
  • Services to facilitate securities holders in selling their securities rights: represent the client's interests at general shareholders' meetings (upon agreement) and receive dividends and other payments on securities
  • Prompt delivery of information provided by issuers and registrars, including voting ballots and other documents (information) required to attend general shareholders' meetings of the issuer
  • Transactions in foreign securities
  • Making corporate actions
  • Assigning CFI codes to foreign securities (through the central depository)

The Depository maintains the confidentiality of information related to a person who opens the securities account and account information, including all account transactions.

Dividends and coupon payments are credited to the Special Depository Account with a bank according to bank details, which the Client specifies in the Depositor's Questionnaire.

Non-licensed brokers may work together with General Invest to provide depository services.

Issuers' corporate actions

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