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The 4th Russian-European economic forum «New Development Scenarios» dedicated to attraction of European investments to the financial market of the Russian Federation was held on November 27 in Milan

The forum was arranged, as before, by General Invest; Moscow Exchange gave support on the Russian side and the leading European University in the field of economics and business – Bocconi, which staff prepared a research work dedicated to relationships between Russia and Italy supported the forum on the Italian side.

At the forum in Milan, Italian businessmen (top management of Brembo, Fiera di Vicenza, Inalca), Bocconi University experts and representatives of the Russian Federation (Mrs. Anna Vasilenko, Managing Director for Primary Market Development and Client Support of Moscow Exchange, Mr. Alexander Zaytsev, General Director of Rus-Rating Rating agency, Mr. Alexey Kanunnikov, Chairman of board of JSC MIR directors) discussed issues related to the policy of sanctions between European Union and Russia as well as their economic impact. According to Mr. Andrey Nikityuk, Chairman of General Invest board, the main task was «to demonstrate what the Russian economy is» and that any «crisis offers new opportunities».

According to the data of Bocconi University in Milan, nowadays Russia is the tenth by volume export market for Italy, and Italy for Russia – the fourth one. However the consequences of conflict with Russia on Ukrainian crisis background affected Italy, as small Italian companies «have the growth opportunities in the first turn due to export and internationalization», Mr. Maurizio Dallocchio, corporative finances professor of Bocconi University, assumed.

After resolution of Russian government on embargo for some food commodities from EU, which was adopted on August 7, Italian Ministry of Agriculture estimated the country's losses of EUR 20 mn, the experts emphasized. At that, indirect losses including losses in workplaces were not considered. As for 2014, the losses of EUR 20 – 22 bn including indirect losses could be in question, Mr. Vincenzo Trani, the Head of General Invest investment company said.

One of the forum participators, Mr. Andrey Nikitin, General Director of Strategic Initiatives Agency, noted that Russia is ready to extend the cooperation. «Russia promises to investors not to introduce any changes in taxation for business within next 3-5 years whatever would happen in the country», he said. Mr. Nikitin also drew attention to the fact that the goal of Russia is to enter the group of twenty countries having easy, the most non-bureaucratic conditions for business.

Mutual relationships between economy and sports were especially discussed at the forum. So, Mr. Vasily Shestakov, President of International Sambo Federation (FIAS) reported that FIAS plans to arrange a chain of commercial sambo clubs in Europe with the help of Italian investments. Mr. Shestakov said, he hopes they would bring some profit including contributions to development of sambo in Russia.

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