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15 th March 2013, a reception will be held at the Italian Embassy in Russia to present a book by Vittorio Volpi, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Concern General Invest.
A reception and presentation of THE ASIAN ECONOMIC MODEL AND THE WEST. THE VISIBLE HAND by the world famous economist, Vittorio Volpi, will be held in Moscow on 15 March 2013. The Russian translation was edited by Professor Yuri Taranukha, of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Vittorio Volpi is the author of many scientific works and is a spearhead of the modern understanding of private banking. He has been head of subsidiaries at UBS Bank around the world, including over 30 years spent in Japan. Analysing the experience of countries in South East Asia which have shown amazing results in technological development and economic growth, the author calls for a more balanced approach to choosing a model for a countries growth, something which is very relevant in the light of current global economic transformations.

Mr Volpi has long, warm ties with Russia. In 2011, he became Chairman of the Advisory Board at Concern General Invest and participated in Russian-European investment forums organised by Concern General Invest in conjunction with the Moscow MICEX Exchange, actively supporting the attraction of foreign investment into Russia.

The book presentation will be held at the Italian Ambassador’s Residence in Russia, with 70 guests and speakers in attendance. In addition to Mr Volpi, the author, these will include Antonio Zanardi Landi, the Italian Ambassador in Russia, Anatoly Aksakov, Deputy of the Russian State Duma and President of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia, Professor Taranukha of Lomonosov Moscow State University, and VincenzoTrani, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Concern General Invest.

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