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Structured Products

Structured products are financial instruments in which revenue and maturity are linked to the revenue of one or more market assets (shares, bonds, exchange rates, interest rates, stock commodities, credit risks, funds, etc.)

Issuers of such structured products include international financial institutions. The products are issued as independent securities with assigned CFI and unique ISIN (securities ID codes). Issuers assume the risks of underlying assets of structured products and the issuer's risks (in terms of liabilities related to instrument maturity and revenue payment).

Structured products are a combination of standard assets and derivatives. Combinations of such products are almost unlimited and issuers may create products with unique characteristics that best fit the investor's needs:

By capital protection level

- Unconditional protection (full or partial)

- Without capital protection

- Conditional protection (when capital repayment in full or in part is linked to a certain condition)

By calculation algorithm and revenue payment

- Revenue from interest in the underlying asset performance (with different interest ratios both in the growth and fall of underlying assets)

- Coupon yield (fixed or floating)

To select a structured product, the investor needs to answer the following questions:

  1. Does the chosen strategy comply with the expected market scenario?
  2. Do the instrument parameters meet the investment goals (term, expected yield, and payment schedule)?
  3. What part of the invested capital am I ready to risk? Does this instrument's capital protection comply with my risk profile?
  4. Do I understand the instrument conditions correctly and how will it perform in different market scenarios?
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